For taking Rolfing session safely

・Wearing a face mask during the session by the practitioner.
・Disinfection of high-touch surfaces including door handles, counter, bench, tablet screen or pens.
・Ventilation in the session room by providing HEPA air filtration system.
・Providing clean linens including sheets, pillow cases, blankets or towels and changing them properly.



Dr. Rolf’s central idea was that human beings need to have a good relationship with gravity in order to live and function healthily and happily. Her method of effecting this was to work directly with the body’s connective tissue network (fascia). Through the Rolfing touch that is sensitive, deep and perceptive, the elasticity and sliding capacity of fascia can be restored, and the body structure aligned with greater ease, freeing from its long held restricting patterns.

創始者、アイダ・ロルフ博士が提唱したことは、私たちの身体がより快適、健全に機能し、幸せに過ごすためには、身体バランスと重力との関係性を良好なものにする必要があるということでした。そのような関係性に導く方法として、ロルフィングタッチと呼ばれる繊細で深層まで届く手技を用いて、直接からだの中の筋膜結合組織 (Fascia)に働きかけることを考え出しました。長い時間をかけて蓄積された緊張や癒着パターンを解放し、みずみずしい弾力性と滑らかさを筋膜組織に取り戻すことで、身体構造(姿勢や動き)に変化をもたらします。生まれ持った美しく、重力と調和した身体バランスへ近づくことが可能になります。

Yes! Changes from the 10-series are still present years after the series is complete. In fact, the body continues to change and integrate 6 month after receiving the last session.

Physiology explains why: Our bodies are constantly breaking and rebuilding themselves. Bodies determine how to build themselves based on the way weight and stress is distributed through the structure. When we release, differentiate and shift connective tissue (fascia), we affect relationships within structures and change strain patterns. Next time, the body rebuilds itself a bit differently. Through the 10-series, as the body is organized in alignment with gravity, the connective tissue will continue to reshape and replace itself in a balanced pattern.

In addition, the newly refined body awareness allows clients to quickly identify and correct old patterns, even after the series has been completed. Rebuilding property of the tissue and the enhanced body awareness are how Rolfing affects the structure over the long-term.

はい。個人差はありますが、10回シリーズを終えたあと何年も身体の変化は持続することが可能だと考えています。 さらに、セッション10回目終了後、約半年間は引き続き変化が進行していきます。




Rolfing® has had the reputation of being painful in years past. However, today’s techniques are slower, gentler and more effective than past ones. As tissue is being released, you may experience a variety of sensation ranging from warm, and pleasant to discomfort. When discomfort occurs, many clients describe it as a “ good pain” that the body wants and needs.

I consider myself to be a sensitive Rolfer and always check in with my clients to make sure that we are at a comfortable depth. The pace of the session and level of sensation are always under your control.



The goals for massage and Rolfing are very different. Massage is usually about relaxation; Rolfing is about aligning the entire structure and improving long-term function. Also Rolfing differs from other methods because it takes gravity and its importance for our well-being into account.


Sessions are 120 minutes in length. With each session, 20 minutes is spent checking in and doing a body analysis which in includes standing, walking, and various movements to assess your structure. 90 to 100 minutes is spent on the table. Often the treatment may involve manual intervention during sitting and walking at the end of session as well.


Trial session takes 70 min. including a quick interview at the beginning and manual intervention.


To give the body time to adjust and adapt to the shifts of the process, I would recommend having a session every week or every other week. Depending on schedule and financial consideration, sessions can be spaced up to a month apart.


Wearing comfortable clothes such as T-shirt, tank top and sport shorts are recommended.

Blankets are available during sessions for your comfort.



・ROLFING® 10-Series : ¥13,200 / per session ( 120 min )

・Spot session ( 120 min ) : ¥14,850

・Trial session ( 70 min ) : ¥9,350

・Post 10-Series session ( 120 min ) : ¥13,200

This is for the clients who have taken 10-Series before. 

Payment can be accepted both Japanese Yen and US Dollar.

It is due at the time of visit.

・ロルフィング®10回シリーズ:13,200円 / 1セッション(120分)



・ポスト10回シリーズ 単発セッション:13,200円(税抜き価格12,000円)



Rolfing provides long-term positive changes in your body and mind. It should be seen as an investment in your long-term health and well-being.